Why should you integrate Teamviewer with Salesforce?

An old age mantra which says “Customer is king”, explains that the customer is king for a business, and without the customer there is no business. In the modern Era there are multiple tools available in the market which helps both B2B & B2C clients find, contact, win and retain customers. Most of the companies will tell you that their customers are their top priority but only a few will walk with customers when it comes to delivering the services.

Good customer service is considered the back-bone of a company, it can break or make a company’s success. A oakley sunglasses sale survey study conducted suggested that 60% of customers will not return or recommend your company to someone else if they have a bad customer service experience.

Salesforce service cloud provides easy to use customer service management solutions which bring all the information you need together in one place. Service cloud allow agents to manage support cases quickly from a single place. Teamviewer now provides integration with Salesforce and allow agents to access customer desktop from within a case. Whether you have a post sales inquiry or a post sale issue your cheap nfl jerseys shop agents can easily manage support request with the help of Teamviewer and Salesforce integration.

Some of the benefits you’ll get by integrating teamviewer with Salesforce are:

  • Teamviewer integration makes remote access a single click process. Your agent can create or join a Teamviewer session from a single click from a Salesforce Cheap Jordans case.
  • Avoid Cheap MLB Jerseys the hassle of switching applications to demonstrate products to a lead, with a single click control customer’s device.
  • Salesforce provides encryption features for security and with a Teamviewer integration your support sessions remains encrypted.
  • With Salesforce encryption all of the session reports are Page also added to your Teamviewer console for reporting and analytical purposes.
  • Quick support and quality communication enhances customer satisfaction which may facilitate good product reviews and referrals. Collaborative and quick support improves customer retention.
  • Collaborative and quick support improves customer retention.

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