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Take Engagement to the Next Level
with Community Cloud.

Want to increase sales or improve customer service?
How about better engage employees?

Customer expectations are on the rise, and so too are those of your employees and partners. Thanks to the widespread growth of mobile and social technologies, all of these groups have come to expect effortless, personalized, always-on engagement. Going omnichannel, or making it easy for customers to transition among a variety of service channels, and providing an open forum for communication are key parts of operationalizing
business insights.

Fortunately, Community Cloud can help you deliver the elite service experience and tuned-in engagement for which these groups are looking. Community Cloud delivers an easy-to-use interface that can act as a central location for users — whether they be customers, employees or partners — to access self-service resources, interact with one another, provide feedback and submit questions to your business and more. Additionally, all of these capabilities are mobile-ready and can be connected to other Salesforce data.

Community cloud services from ennovative:

Ennovative can work with your organization to introduce a strong Community Cloud solution in order to drive customer loyalty, promote brand advocacy, increase customer satisfaction and enhance your insight into customer feedback. As an implementer, Ennovative guides you through the entire journey from creating and developing to maintaining a community.

Take the first step toward improving your interactions with customers, employees and partners with Community Cloud and Ennovative. Our comprehensive Community Cloud Assessment helps you build a roadmap, define capabilities, create connections, measure analytics and more to ensure your community meets and exceeds your goals and expectations.

how we work:


Our experts will work with you to define a community vision and objectives, discuss best practices, outline success metrics and develop a social roadmap.


We'll provide an iterative UX and UI design as well as build and configure the Community Cloud solution. Additionally, we'll lead content seeding efforts to ensure the community has resources when it goes live.


Once the implementation is complete and your community has content, it’s time to deploy. Our team will help drive user adoption through training initiatives and promotion of the new solution.


We will remain a partner on your ongoing community journey, providing support by monitoring community health and management and helping track social analytics.

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